To the Ancient Greeks,

Ambrosial is that which is divine or succluently sweet and worthy of the gods.

That's our mission - to make the best gluten-free treats around

We are a small, licensed, home-based bakery in Utah County with more than 10 years experience specializing in making the highest-quality baked treats, cakes, and goodies. Whether you try our award-winning cupcakes, soft and chewy cookies, rich bars and brownies, cinnamon rolls, bread, or one of custom cakes, we guarantee that you won't be able to tell the difference between our gluten-free treats and those that are not from someone else.

Who We Are


Owner & Head Baker

Alisha has always love to bake. As a little girl, she would scour through her mother's cookbooks looking for treats that she could make herself and friends. In high school, Alisha was diagnosed with an allergy to wheat. This led her to begin trying all the gluten free products available to her. She was very disappointed in what she tasted and wondered if she could make gluten free better than what was available. As time passed, Alisha continued to develop her love of baking and cooking, eventually earning her degree in Culinary Arts. From there, she began helping friends and family with wedding cakes, desserts, and other tasty treats, eventually evolving into Ambrosial Bakery where she could share love of baking with others.




Assistant Baker/Business Manager

Having once envisioned himself attending culinary school like his wife Alisha, Alex ultimately took a different route with his education, earning degrees in political science, economics, and an MBA. He now puts those degrees to good use helping Alisha out with the boring stuff that comes with running a business (accounting, taxes, licencing, and other business-ey things). Beyond that, Alex helps Alisha out where he can around the kitchen, and in setting up and manning our booth at events.


Our Kiddos

Taste Tasters & Entertainment

If you've stopped by our booth at an event, you've probably met our kids. Our little boy may be a bit shy, but his big sister is more than happy to make up for it by talking your ear off if you'll let her. She is eagerly awaiting being able to help out and learn in the kitchen when she gets older. They both love to try the goodies that we bake.


Provo Farmers Market

The Provo Farmers Market is every Saturday starting the first Saturday in June (9am - 2pm) until the end of October. Stop by for some great treats and try some of our new goodies that we've been working on over the winter (varies by day) - we'll have our classic treats, some new ones, and a variety of our mixes.


Center Street and University Avenue, Provo Utah

POP' N DOT Soda Shop

If you're looking for a delicious Ambrosial Soda Shop Sugar Cookie or Chocolate Chip Cookie, stop by POP' N DOT's shop in Orem.

(1565 E 800 N, Orem)